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Rehearsal Space ~ Classroom Space for Dance, Theater, Performance, Comedy Improv, Music, Musical Theatre, etc.

Entry / Application Forms ~ Forms for artists wishing to submit their work to Dance Chicago

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For all other inquiries, e-mail Artist Support

The Artist Deadline of August 25, 2008, has passed.  However, you may still be considered.  Fill out the online application and press submit. If positions are not filled from first round applicants, you may still be selected to perform. You must submit the $20 application fee.

Dance Slam Deadline is extended to September 25, 2008.  This is the final extension for Dance Slam.

A Letter for ALL Artists participating in Dance Chicago 2008 - Please Read and PLEASE NOTE PRODUCTION MEETING TIMES AND INSTRUCTIONS BELOW


8/8/2008 - Revised from John Schmitz, Artist Director and Founder

Dear Artists of Dance Chicago:

Greetings from Dance Chicago. First, congratulations to all participants of Dance Chicago 2007 for your spectacular performances. Over 14,000 audience members and press were inspired by your creativity: more premieres, higher quality performances, greater talent than ever before. Second, this notice is a request to contact me immediately if you wish to propose a work for Dance Chicago 2008. The development of new choreography of the highest artistic quality remains a major focus of the festival. The deadline for the submission of a videotape of your work is August 25, 2008. This application will apply to everyone, including Dance Slam and Extended Views. The new form must be emailed to me: Click Here - John In addition, we now require a $20 application fee to review up to 10 works.

I will be curating each work on each program, via dvds (or videotapes). I must see your proposed work: either a performance dvd or a rehearsal dvd. Festival positions are secured by the quality of the work submitted. Works should come from two different categories: 1) submission of a work that is finished and has been performed and can be submitted on dvd now (August 25 deadline), and 2) new work in process - choreographers must make commitments to music, number of dancers, cast/sets/costumes/lights and furnish a rehearsal dvd or arrange a live rehearsal viewing prior to August 25, 2008.

We are interested in seeing quality work from anyone, but the dances must fit into our programming structure. Three programs, New Moves, Extended Views and Dance Slam, allow for greater range in artistic expression. Programs like Opening Weekend, Grand Finale, Jazz Fusion, Dance for Kids, Too!, Stars of Dance Chicago, and International Rhythms need to be more specific. We want you to start immediately on your dance for 2008. The website,, will soon be listing the programs, updates and application form for 2008.

If you wish to create dances for more than one program remember that the perfection of one dance is more important than the creation of two or more average ones. In addition, shorter dances are more versatile and can often be used on multiple programs. Dances longer than 8 minutes have to be exceptional to hold up to audiences and critics. The optimum time for a dance is 5 to 9 minutes. The most successful works (i.e. good reviews, audience appeal, etc.) are generally in this time range.

Remember we offer only performance fees, not creation fees. The fee level is directly related to the level of funding from corporations, foundations and individuals. What we can offer to artists changes each year.

To encourage creativity and innovation we will be continuing the Dance Chicago Choreography Award. This cash award of $1,000 will be given to the Chicago choreographer who produces, in our opinion, the best Dance Chicago premiere in 2008. The winner for 2007 was Eddy Ocampo.

Extended Views. Choreographers will be given an opportunity to produce longer works, up to evening-length works, or create an exhibition of multiple works on the same program. Many artists, particularly choreographers in the Dance Chicago Choreography Project have requested opportunities to expand their work on one program. In this program the emphasis will be on the choreographer and not the company or ensemble. Choreographers, as independent artists, often do not have the resources necessary to exhibit extended views of their work as companies do, Dance Chicago hopes that these programs will help to address that need and will help to take the choreographers to a new level. Please use the regular application process for this new show, but send a special email to:
John Schmitz: (Click Here) of your interest in this program.

High Schools & First time Dance Chicago / Dance Slam Artists, please take note of the following:

The Dance Slam dates for 2008 are Wednesday, November 12, and Wednesday, November 19.
Best acts may be offered spots on other Dance Chicago programs, especially Choreographers' Showcase or in the Dance Chicago Tour.

Dance Slam is a means of introducing new members of the dance community, and presenting new works, new works in progress, and risky collaborations. All works will undergo audience and staff evaluation. Works cannot exceed 5 minutes under any circumstances. There will be as many as 20 companies/acts, so it is critical to keep your time less than 5 minutes so that all will have an opportunity to perform.

The development of new choreography of the highest artistic quality is a major priority of the festival. We want you to start working soon to perfect your dance for Dance Chicago 2008.

Your application deadline is August 25, 2008, and a fee of $20 must accompany applications after this date.

Please note the production meeting: Wednesday, October 8, from 5:30 pm to 6:00 pm at the Dance Chicago Center, 1439 West Wellington, next to the Athenaeum - this is mandatory for all directors (dancers need not attend).

Again, you must contact me immediately if you are interested in participating in Dance Chicago 2008. Email is the only efficient means of communicating what you are proposing: If we do not hear from you by August 25, 2008, we will assume you are not interested in participating. Applications are available on the website at Video tapes or dvds submitted last year must be picked up at the Dance Chicago Center (next to the Athenaeum) in the evenings, Monday through Thursday from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm before August 31. They will not be mailed. Call evenings at 773/404-4423 before coming for the pick-up.

We have rehearsal space available in the Dance Chicago Center, next to the Athenaeum in Alphonsus Academy and Center for the Arts, third floor. We have 5 large dance studios for inexpensive rentals if you need space to rehearse. Rehearsing at the Center allows time to view the work’s progress on a regular basis. If you are having trouble getting your ideas performance ready, inform me as early as possible with any problems. We can often be helpful in getting you aligned with the support you need. If you do not keep us informed about the status of your dance, we may have to cut you from the program if it falls short of our artistic expectations. Exact time calculation is also very important. All did an excellent job last year.

Send DVDs and a printed copy of your emailed application with your $20 application fee to:

John Schmitz
Dance Chicago
5851 North Kenmore, 3S
Chicago, IL 60660

Note: Please send all packages by regular United States Postal Service, do not send Express Mail, UPS or Fed Ex..

Special Instruction for all Artists accepted to perform in Dance Chicago 2008:
To:                 Dance Chicago 2008 Artists
From:             John Schmitz
What:             Production Meeting
When:            Wednesday, October 8,  4 pm to 10 pm (see schedule)


4:00 pm to 4:30 pm - Dance for Kids, Too!, Holiday Kids Show

4:30 pm to 5:00 pm - New Moves, Extended Views, Choreographers' Showcase

5:00 pm to 5:30 pm - Opening, Finale, Jazz Cabaret, Dance Romance, Chicago Streets

5:30 pm to 6:00 pm  - Dance Slam

6:00 pm to 7:00 pm – Fringe Carnival


Where:          The Dance Chicago Center

                      Third Floor: Room 309

                      Alphonsus Academy and Center for the Arts

                      1439 West Wellington


Enter Off the Athenaeum Parking Lot on Oakdale.  The entrance is in the building NW of the theatre. Call 773/404-4423 if you get lost.



1. To confirm your work(s) and your performance date(s);

2. To schedule a tech time for each work;

3. To learn about your marketing responsibilities;

4. To learn about videotaping your work;

5. To furnish program copy for your work;

6. To answer questions about comps and other tickets

7. To answer other questions.

Artists not attending this meeting may have a difficult time scheduling a tech rehearsal or having questions answered in a timely manner.


Production: These are your contacts for setting your work 0n the Athenaeum mainstage:

Josh Weckesser, lead stage manager and LD  312-391-9264 - TEXT MESSAGE ONLY

To schedule a tech time:

Rachel Damon, all scheduling, additional lighting design

Jacob Snodgrass, slams and kids shows

Matt Gawryk, lighting associate

Stoneface Productions, order at:

Marketing/Public Relations:

Tim Ward, H+A International
312/332-4650, ext. 18

Please Know:

1. when you can/want to tech
2. the length of your piece
3. the first performance date(s)
4. if the piece will be performed again in another show

Please Note:

1. the earlier you tech your piece, the better.
2. Slam techs will ONLY be on show day
3. Kids techs will ONLY be on show morning
4. All Extended View techs day of show in 3-4 hour blocks
5. After these meetings, rosters will be posted at

Your playbill information must be emailed to me 10 days prior to the performance:

Email to:

In the following format:

For all shows ( Not Dance Slam – see below)

1. Name of Company
2. Name of Artistic Director
3. Title of Work
4. Premiere Date, or state: World Premiere
5. Choreographer
6. Music
7. Lighting
8. Costumes
9. Dancers (If entire company, say "company")
10. Website: Note: No bios this year – get the bios from your website.

For Dance Slam:

1. Title of Work
2. Name of School / Name of Company
3. Director / Choreographer (s)
4. MUST ADD THIS: Number of minutes / number of artists

Slam Example

Make 'em Laugh
Riverside Brookfield High School / Orchesis Dance Company
Mindy Hart, Director / Michelle Broecker, Choreographer
3 minutes / 25 artists


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