You may not be aware of it, but the Dance Chicago staff has been rescuing kittens and cats for 13 years. It is some of the most important and rewarding work we do. The money for this work comes out of our own pockets. We welcome in-kind contributions of cat food, litter, supplements, and vet services.  These contributions assist us in transitioning feral and discarded domestic cats to new and loving homes. We will pick up all contributions. For those who have experienced the loving relationships that can develop with our little friends, you will understand that we receive much more from them than we can ever give back, but we can try. It is in this trying that we all benefit.

Please call Corinne @ 773-271-4426 if you can help, wish to adopt, or if you wish to make a contribution to this work.  You can also email us by clicking on the following link:  Dance Chicago Cats





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