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Grand Finale! ON SALE NOW!
Music Institute of Chicago
Nichols Concert Hall
Saturday, December 12, 2009
1490 Chicago Ave, Evanston, IL
Box Office (847) 905-1500, ext 108
Dance Chicago ends its 15th anniversary with a Holiday Showcase, featuring Chicago’s best choreographers, dancers, international guest artists, and MIC faculty. Artistic Director John Schmitz has created an emotionally charged performance with great music and non-stop action— tailored specifically for Nichols Concert Hall. The Grand Finale features the best of ballet, tap, jazz, urban and contemporary. Featuring great music and non-stop action, this is the season’s grand send-off.

Saturday, December 12 at 8:00 pm
PRICE: $25 single, $20 seniors and students

Performing Acts - Final Program Order

The Joffrey Ballet's Exelon Strobel Step Up Program Inferno
Jus'LisTeN (Lee Howard and Nico Rubio) Ellington Nutcracker Overture
Corpo Dance Company Clockwork Prom / Christopher M McCray
Brandon and Serena Classical Movements
Trinity Irish Dancers Celtic Tiger / Job of the Journey Work / Trinity
South Korea's Kim Geung Soo Ballet Company Sound of Water (World Premiere)
Jump Rhythm Jazz Project god of dirt / Billy Siegenfeld
Full Effect Dance Theatre Mr. And Mrs. Smith's Hip Hop Matrix (World Premiere)
South Korea's Kim Geung Soo Ballet Company Talk to Her (World Premiere)
Dmitri Peskov and Dancers Eros: World Premiere duet with Amy Tye
Western Dance Project/Autumn Eckman Yes, and . . . / Autumn Eckman
Black Box Dance bethrothed - World Premiere by Eddy Ocampo
Mexican Dance Ensemble Jarabe Colimote

Here is what Hedy Weiss said about Full Effect Dance Theatre on the 15th Anniversary Spectacular on Oct. 31:

Full Effect DanceTheatre's "Jook Joint," choreographer Dane A. Campbell's
jawdroppingly brilliant evocation of a rollicking roadside club that gradually morphs
into a more contemporary hip-hop scene (and back again), with some of the most
thrilling dancing, much of done at breakneck speed, you will ever see. I was totally
unfamiliar with this company before this performance, but I won't soon forget its
pure kinetic theatricality. This piece is a natural for Millennium Park's summertime
Chicago Dancing Festival, whose producers should book it now and just wait for
the audience's cheers.

Here is what Sid Smith said about Dance Campbell on the Choreographers' Showcase on Nov. 15:

At the top of Sunday's list would have to be Dane A. Campbell and his zany extravaganza, "Be Our Guest."
Campbell's Full Effect Dance Theatre is a hip hop troupe, and there's plenty of urban style in this piece to
make the point. But there are also campy injections, daffy shifts in mood and music, accommodating
saccharine Broadway and classical strains alike, in a piece in which 14 dancers deliver and then some. Clad in
finery and ruffles, hosting, seducing and finally tormenting a woman dressed up like a satiny Red Riding
Hood, the ensemble is wickedly funny, furiously fast and ultimately unclassifiable. Anything goes, delightfully

Here is what Laura Molzahn wrote in Special to the Tribune on 11/9/09:

Tre Dumas' tap dance "Jus'LisTeN," set in part to Bobby McFerrin's beautiful a cappella rendering of the
Beatles' "From Me to You," brought down the house. So did Christopher M. McCray's "Acrobats," performed
by Corpo Dance Company with a sly sense of the piece's acrobatic quirks.

(god of dirt by Billy Siegenfeld) exuberant tribal celebration...choreographer Siegenfeld injects his
own style and fondness for surprising details into the piece, crafting movements that echo Greek or Israeli line dancing, and yet sizzle with a cocky, headstrong imagery all their own...the final circle of rhapsody and
surrender is a knockout.

--Sid Smith, Chicago Tribune

Dance Chicago 2009
15th Anniversary Grand Finale
Curated by John Schmitz
Music Institute of Chicago
Nichols Concert Hall
Evanston, Illinois
December 12, 2009, 8 pm

1. The Joffrey Ballet’s Exelon Strobel Step-Up Program
Pierre Lockett, Director
Choreographer: Derrick Agnoletti
Music: Cirque Du Soleil
Lighting: Josh Weckesser
Dancers: Aja Phinisee, Alandrea Mosely, Apu Seyenkulo, Ashleigh Cortes, Aurea France, Bianca Douglas-Martin, Charles Mitchell, Chloe' Jackson, Christopher Huerta, Cierra Burton, Dawn Hall, DeJohn Connerly-Bey, Dekka Hodges, Elizabeth Alexander, Hydeia Champion, Jose Turrubiartez, Katherine White, Kevin, Ambrose, Kierra Robinson, Kittie Morris, Malachi Perkins, Maximanova Greenberg, Rackim Ramsey, Rahimah Gaither, Renee Simmons, Shakhara Harris, Shawntara Mathis, Tanisha Sampson, Vivica Futrell

2. Jus'LisTeN

Choreography: Nico Rubio and Lee Howard
Music: Duke Ellington
Dancers: Nico Rubio and Lee Howard
Lighting: Josh Weckesser

3. Corpo Dance Company
Christopher M McCray, Artistic Director
Clockwork Prom
Choreography by Christopher M McCray,
Music: Cujo
Lighting: Josh Weckesser
Costume Design: Christopher M McCray,
Dancers: Donnette Cononnie, Ginnia Higgins, Sarah Keating, Christina Chen, Christopher Courtney, Paul Christiano, Christopher M McCray

4. Brandon and Serena
Artistic Directors: Tommye Giachinno & Andy Cruz
Classical Movements
(Premier: Chicago International Salsa Congress 2008)
Dancers: Brandon Segovia and Serena Pav
Costumes: Designs by Grace
Music: Pathetique Sonata Second Movement/ Quinto de Beethoven
Lighting: Josh Weckesser
Brandon's video of the Pathetique Sonata was recorded and filmed here at Nichol's Hall. This features Brandon's piano playing and is an homage to the fusion between modern and classical dance.

5. Trinity Irish Dancers
Founder and Artistic Director: Mark Howard
Soloist – Ellie Arnoldt
Soloist - 8 time regional champion, Maggie Doyle
Choreography by: Mark Howard, Sylvan Kelly, Laura McNamara and Ellen Gahl Waller
Performance Managers: Laura McNamara and Ellen Gahl Waller
Rehearsal Director: Colleen Kenyon
Music by: Stone and Liz Carroll
Costumes by: Rie McGarry and Phoebe O’Donaghue
Lighting: Josh Weckesser
Performers: Ellie Arnoldt, Maria Daniel, Mairi Doyle, Maggie Doyle, Kelly Finnen, Bailey Fitzmaurice, Kendall Gaspari, Mackenzie Holland, Colleen Kenyon, Danae Luetkehans, Kelly Potts, Monica Walsh, Katie Wilhelms, Sara Winfrey

6. Kim Geung Soo Ballet Company
(Partner in the Dance Chicago International Exchange Program)
Sound of Water
Choreographer: Geung Soo Kim
Stage Coordinator: Kyung Mi Kim
Lighting: Josh Weckesser
Dancers: Jin Ho Lim, Kyung Min Ji
Music: From the original soundtrack of the documentary “Eveil” by Jean Jacques Lemetre
‘Sound of Water’ expresses both the calm and violent nature of water through the movements of two male dancers. Water, being the matrix of life, embraces all things, but is also capable of destruction. In this piece, the nature of water, as the origin of life, is expressed through its gentle serenity. The opposite is expressed through its violence. The peaceful nature of water subdues its counterpart and embraces everything. ‘Sound of Water’ was created to aid in awareness of the global concern about water through the form of dance.
This program is sponsored by Art Council Korea

7. Jump Rhythm Jazz Project
Billy Siegenfeld, Artistic Director
god of dirt (2007)
Choreography: Billy Siegenfeld
Costumes: Emily McConnell
Costume Coordinator: Michelle Tesdall
Lighting: Josh Weckesser, after and original design by Gregory Etter
Music: Goran Bregovic
Dancers: Amanda Benzin, Brandi Coleman, Kevin Durnbaugh, Peter Hammer, Susie Hughes, Jordan Kahl, Kristina Kasper, Heidi Malnar, Lizzie Perkins, Billy Siegenfeld
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8. Full Effect Dance Theatre
Dane A Campbell , Artistic Director
Mr. & Mrs. Smith's Hip Hop Matrix
Choreographer: Dane A Campbell
Lighting: Aaron Gunn
Costumes: Dane A Campbell
Dancers: Dane A Campbell, Blair Cartlidge, Christopher Bolden, Jason Morris, Lakeisha Morgan, Michael Gray, Dominique Davis, Ashtar Shamoune, Mario Lemon, Christiana Reyes, Donald Johnson, Sherell Williams, Jayce Burns

9. Kim Geung Soo Ballet Company
(Partner in the Dance Chicago International Exchange Program)
Talk to Her
Choreographer: Geung Soo Kim
Stage Coordinator: Kyung Mi Kim
Dancers: Jin Ho Lim, Kyung Min Ji, You Cheong Lee, Hye In Won, So Jung Chang, Mi Kyung Kwon
Music: From the original soundtrack of ‘Talk to Her’ (directed by Pedro Almodovar) – song titles include “Raquel”, “Cucil” and Alberto Iglesias’ “Alicia Vive”
Lighting: Josh Weckesser
‘Talk to Her’ takes a scene from ‘Sleeping Beauty’ where the prince arrives to awaken the princess. This piece portrays the desire of someone to receive love and pleading their wish to a god. In ‘Talk to Her’, we reflect on how we whisper, pray earnestly and scream for someone to hear us.
This program is sponsored by Art Council Korea

10. Choreography by Dmitri Peskov
May I, composed like them of Eros and of dust, beleaguered by the same negation and despair, show an affirming flame.
(W. H. Auden, September 1, 1939)
Eros (Excerpt from “Of Fleeting Things”)
Music: P?teris Vasks
Lighting: Josh Weckesser
Costumes: Dmitri Peskov
Dancers: Dmitri Peskov, Aimee Tye

11. Western Dance Project
Yes, and . . .

Choreography: Autumn Eckman
Music: Barbatuques
Lighting: Josh Weckesser, after an original design by Megan Slayter
Costumes: Elaine Kauffman
Dancers: Jessica Blades, Sara Bridge, Taylor Forsee, Amanda Howe, Kelly Kakaley, Katie McGrath, Lindi Nelson, Kaitlyn Pollock, Chelsea Rademacher, Marley Schmidt, Tajh Stallworth, Sara Young (All dancers are members of the Western Dance Project/Western Michigan University, David Curwen, Director.)

12. Choreography by Eddy Ocampo

Music: J.S. Bach, Robert Schumann, Alto Novo
Sound Design: Eddy Ocampo
Lighting: Josh Weckesser
Costumes: Courtesy of Richard Smith and Insaide Chicago Dance
Dancers: Lauren Garson, Shannon Hritz*, Eddy Ocampo, Tony Suhadolnik*, Nicholas Torres,
*Courtesy of Inaside Chicago Dance

13. Mexican Dance Ensemble
Director: Samuel Cortez
Asst. Director: José Rochel
Choreography: Samuel Cortez, Placido A. Lopez
Music: Mariachi de la Universidad de Colima
Lighting: Josh Weckesser
MDE is an award winning folk dance troupe that encompasses the vast and rich heritage of Mexican culture and presents it through a dazzling fast paced and colorful performance.
Dancers: Erika Gómez, Carmen Gallardo, Beatriz Leyva, Luz Lemus, Mirella Borjón, Laura Pérez, David Carrillo, Nina Sandoval, Maricela Gallegos, Carolina Mercado, María Guadalupe García, Alejandro Zacarías, Ricardo Lemus, Adrian Castañeda, Rafael Castañeda, Alonso Cortes, Alan Saucedo, David Carrillo, Edgar Hernández, Edgar Medrano, Enrique Vázquez, Omar Guevara, Luis Alberto Cardona.


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