Rent Rehearsal Space

Rehearsal space

For dance (all forms), theatre, improv, music, performance rehearsals

Dance Chicago Center
Athenaeum Theatre
2936 North Southport
Third Floor
Chicago, IL 60657


M-F 8 am to 10 pm

Sat 10 am to 7:30 pm

Sunday hours are available by special request only.

Studio Details

All spaces:

Dance Studios have AC, high ceilings, sprung floors, Marley, mirrors, Built in barres, sound systems, natural light.



All Spaces Prices
(20 people or less)

$25 per hour for Dance Chicago Legacy Partners

Single/short term bookings

1-4 People     $25/hr

5-10 People    $32/hr

11-15 People   $37/hr

16+ People   $45/hr

To become an anchor tenant to be able to provide ongoing classes at the studios, email us.

All payments must be in advance.

To pay use the donate/PayPal button in this website.

Studio Dimensions

Center Dance Studio
Depth: 24 feet
Length: 42 feet 9 inches
Area: 1,026 square feet
Marley/Mirrors/Barres/Sound System

West Dance Studio
Depth: 24 feet
Length: 40 feet 1 inch
Area: 962 square feet
Marley/Mirrors/Barres/Sound System

East Dance Studio
Depth: 25 feet 3 inches
Length: 30 feet
Area: 758 square feet
Marley/Mirrors/Barres/Sound System

Private Dance Studio
Depth: 12 feet 2 inches
Length: 23 feet 10 inches
Area: 290 square feet
Marley/Mirrors/Barres/Sound System

Music Room
Width: 18 feet 2 inches
Length: 25 feet 2 inches
Area: 457 square feet
Carpeted, no mirrors/Piano/Sound System